5 Great Covered Patio Lighting IdeasTraditional patio lights serve a purpose, but rarely do they provide any sort of ambiance. There are dozens of options available to set the right scene, but which of these are the most efficient and cost effective for you? There’s no one better to consult than the patio lighting Phoenix AZ experts about 5 great covered patio lighting ideas.

Lighting Ideas for Your Patio

    1. Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass is perfect for covered patios. The glass includes LED lights in both the top and bottom of the panels. These small lights illuminate the design within the glass and create a gentle, ambient atmosphere. Tempered safety glass balusters are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes and start at about $230.00 each.

  1. RGB LED Lighting

5 Great Covered Patio Lighting IdeasThe color of your patio can match your mood with Red, Green and Blue LED lighting. You can illuminate your covered patio any color you wish with the help of a computerized remote control. Go orange for Halloween, red or green for Christmas, or show support for your team during the big game by shining their colors for all to see. Outdoor RGB LED lights are available in waterproof strips and bars and begin at about $275.00 apiece.

  1. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide both the right amount of mood lighting as well as circulation to any covered patio. These outdoor ceiling fans are specifically designed to withstand most weather elements, including wind and rain. You can light up your night and create your own breeze on those especially sticky, stagnant summer nights. Outdoor ceiling fans for covered patios are available in a wide array of styles and sizes and start at about $50.00.

  1. String Lights

String lights can add style and sophistication to any patio or backyard. Used at bistros and restaurants for decades, string lights are both versatile and easy to install. You don’t need to worry about hiding any of the wiring as it’s part of their charm and appeal. And what’s more, you can hang or string them just about anywhere. They’re also available for use with a standard outlet, low-voltage that use a 12-volt current, or in solar power form. They’re also inexpensive, as you can get 20 lights for around $20.00.

  1. Oversized Floor Lamp

An oversized floor lamp is a stylish and chic way to light up your covered patio. An oversized lamp resembles those you would place on your desk or nightstand but is big and bright enough to illuminate an entire patio. The lamp is waterproof and weighted at the bottom for stability in blustery conditions. All this style does come at a cost, however, as oversized floor lamps start at about $1,300.00.