How to Organize an Event PartyOrganizing a party takes a lot of work and patience. There are dozens of questions you have to ask yourself before you plan any party, such as how much food do I need, should this event be indoors or outdoors, and is there event lighting rental near me? Fortunately, you can make the process much easier by breaking it down by week and day. Continue reading below to learn how to organize an event party.

Schedule for Organizing an Event Party

Following these steps and corresponding schedule to organize your next event or party:

  1. Three Weeks Before the Party

How to Organize an Event Party Three weeks before the party is a good time to begin the initial planning. You can start earlier if you’d like, but three weeks should be more than enough. First and foremost, create an invitation list and send them out. If you have a personal Facebook account, you can make the process easy by creating an event page. Here, you can input all the important information about your event, invite guests and have them reserve a spot. They can also reject the invitation through this page.

After you’ve finished the invitations or event page, you can decide if you want your party to be themed or not. You can then buy, borrow or make any decorations you may need. You’ll also want to start planning the menu for the party and put out feelers for any help you may need to put together the party before hand and clean up afterward.

  1. Two Weeks Before the Party

Once your two weeks away from the party, you can do a first round of food shopping. Use the menu you created a week prior to see what you can and cannot buy. You’ll also want to begin washing any silverware, crystal, china and linens you plan on using at the party. Once they are cleaned or laundered, make sure you keep them separate from the items you use in your home every day.

Also, two weeks out is a good time to start putting together a music playlist for the party. You can continue to add or subtract as the party draws nearer.

  1. One Week Before the Party

How to Organize an Event PartyOnce your party is only a week away, you’ll want to begin deep cleaning the venue, especially if it is at your home. The process doesn’t need to be completed right away, but you should at least get it underway. As you clean, you’ll also want to start to take inventory of your cookware, utensils and serving dishes.

A week out is also a great time to take inventory of your alcohol and begin to stock the bar. If you plan on serving wine, a good rule of thumb is to have three bottles for every four people attending the party. If you’re serving drinks, have 3-to-4 cocktails for every guest for a 2-to-3-hour event.

  1. Three Days Before the Party

Depending on the venue, you can begin putting up decorations three days before the party. This is also a good time to notify neighbors if you plan on holding the event at home. You’ll also want to wrap up your food shopping and begin to stage clean-up stations about 72 hours before the party.

  1. 24 Hours Before the Party/Day of the Party

The day before the party is the best time to begin setting up food serving or cocktail areas. Also cook any foods you know won’t spoil overnight and give your home or venue a good once-over before turning in for the evening.

Once the day of the party has arrived, finish any last-minute cooking, which shouldn’t take very long. Set up any chairs you may need, and have food, drinks, condiments, cups, plates and ice ready for when the guests arrive. Once they do arrive, greet them with a smile so big they’ll never realize all the hard work you just put in!